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“How do I deal with this overwhelming amount of information? I can’t possibly read all that today. But... I absolutely need to remember it! Let me just save it in my organised filing system.”

<saves it to Evernote / Pocket / bookmarks and never reads it again>

“Let me check my emails.”

<small panic attack>

“Ok, which opportunity do I want to actively pursue? Let me think it through carefully. Actually... I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow.”

<passively lets someone else decide for them>

<notices someone else’s success>

“Eh, I could do that.”

<never does>

“Which priority do I need to focus on? Too many things to handle at the same time: career, family, health, personal growth. I feel like my head is going to explode!”


“Let me check my to-do list.”

<small panic attack>

“Why am I not achieving as much as I should? Ok, maybe I should stop blaming myself.”

<binges on snacks/Netflix/Instagram>

“If only I had more time!”

“Ok, tonight, I am going to sort through my 237 to-do items, my 603 bookmarks, and my 13,489 unread emails.”

<goes to bed depressed>

Obviously, this does not apply to any of us.

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